Matching Grants :-
The Matching Grants are released to the village Panchayats depending upon their tax collection. This is an unconditional grant which can be utilized for any purpose by the panchayat.The grants are released as per the following pattern of assistances:-
(a) Panchayats with annual income up to Rs.50,000/- 200% of the taxes collected subject to minimum of Rs.20,000/-
(b) Panchayat with annual income above Rs.50,000/-up to Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.1,00,000/-and 15% of the additional income from taxes above Rs.1,00,000/-
(c) Panchayat with annual income over Rs.1,00,000/- upto Rs.2,00,000/- Rs.1,75,000/- and 100% of the additional income from taxes above Rs.1,00,000/-
(d) Panchayat with annual income over Rs.2,00,000/- upto Rs.5,00,000/- Rs.2.75.000/- and 50% of the additional income from taxes above Rs.2,00,000/-
(e) Panchayats whose annual income is above Rs.5,00,000/- Rs.4,25,000/- only.

Grant in Aid :-
Government sanctions grant-in-aid for financially weaker panchayats for undertaking the developmental works. These grants mainly under the heading roads and communication and Health and Sanitation. The Pattern of assistance is as follows:
(a) Panchayat having annual income Govt. grants Popular contribution
(b) Upto Rs.3.00 lakhs 100% of project cost NIL
(c) Between Rs.3.00 lakhs to Rs.4.00lakhs 75% of project cost 25%
(d) Between Rs.4.0lakhs to Rs.5.00lakhs 50% of project cost 50%
(e) Above Rs.5.00lakhs NIL NIL

Grants to Weaker Section For Strengthening Administration
From the year 2001-02 the Government has introduced a scheme of giving special grants to weaker Panchayats whose annual income is less than Rs.10.00lakhs in order to provide them with sufficient funds to make payment of salaries to their staff like L.D.C-cum-typist and Peon-cum-Messenger as per the followings pattern of assistances:-
Classification of panchayat Annual special grants
A Rs.1,40,000/-
B Rs.90,000/-
C Rs.90,000/-
D Rs.40,000/-
The panchayats are authorized to appoint full time L.D.C.-cum-Typist and Peon-cum-Messenger as permanents staff of the panchayat.

Grants in Lieu of Octroi
From the year 2001-02, the State Govt. has abolished Octroi on petroleum goods which was being collected by the municipal councils and the village panchayats and in the place of octroi, the Govt. has levied sales tax on petroleum products. Every financial year, the Govt. releases special grants in three installments to the Respective village panchayats on the amount collected in lieu of octroi.

Grants to all Panchayat Parishad and Mahila Mandals
Goa Panchayat Parishad established in the year 1983 with its office at 115, Ramchandra building, Mapusa.The Directorate releases an amount of Rs.10000/-to the Parishad every year to undertake various activities. There are Mahila Mandals in the villages Organized and register under the Societies Act. Of 1860. The Directorate sanctions unconditional grants to Mahila Mandals in order to take up Social activities and to create Awareness among the Rural Woman’s for Participation in Panchayat Raj. After registration of the new Mahila Mandals,it is eligible for a grant of Rs.1000/- for the first year and there after an amount of Rs.500/- is released to each Mahila Mandals every year as annual grant. The All India Panchayat Parishad and the Mahila Mandals are required to submit Utilization Certificate of Grants sanctioned to them every year.

Rural Garbage Disposal Scheme 2005
Under the Rural Garbage Disposal scheme the State Government provides funds to the Village Panchayats for acquisition of land for garbage sites and for development of the garbage collection site and other facilities required for disposal of Garbage. Under the scheme the village Panchayats are required to segregate the garbage at source into bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste. The bio-degradable waste is to be vermin-composted through the process of vermiculture for which the Panchayats are required to construct composting pits. The cost of collection, transportation, segregation, storage processing and disposal of Garbage is also borne by the Government to the extent of 98% and the balance 2% is to be borne by the Village Panchayat, for the first 3 years. On the expiry of this period, the entire cost is to be borne by the Village Panchayats. Detailed guidelines have been annexed to the scheme so as to assist the Panchayats in disposal of the garbage in a hygienic and scientific manner.